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Simplify & Empower your Intellectual Property

IP to fuel your growth

A Founder-First platform that helps venture-backed companies find the business value in their IP.

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For Founders

Seventh helps you collaboratively manage all your IP, with ease

All your IP at your fingertips - Save Valuable Time & Money
Easily Manage, Protect & Monetize your IP all in one place
Fundraise faster - IP Due Diligence in one click
No more missed deadlines or lost opportunities.

Why do Founders need Seventh

“Painful dealing with IP in spreadsheets.”



“Tired of missing critical submissions.”


CEO, Soter Technologies

“IP due diligence is always the worst.”


CEO, ADAM Project

"Must have better visibility & control of our IP"


CEO, ZaiNar

IP Trolls Target Tech Companies

0 %
Over 50% of tech SMBs with 0-$10M in Revenue are hit by IP trolls
0 %
Over 80% of tech SMBs with $10M-100M in Revenue are hit by IP Trolls
0 %

90% of the S&P 500 Value is IP

Your business is smart. Why isn’t your IP?

Who Are We

Alexander Polyansky


Reduce 90% of admin work.
Focus more on high-value work.
No chasing founders anymore.
Keep your portfolio of clients happy, informed & included with ease.

For IP Attorneys

Seventh helps you reduce non-billable time and work on higher value projects

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For Investors

Seventh the single source of truth for IP

90% of the value of the S&P 500 is Intellectual Property
Know what is the IP Risk & IP Value of your portfolio- Quick IP due diligence
Slice n Dice & Cohort Analysis & more on your IP Portfolio
Protect & Monetize your IP Value, support higher valuations of portfolio

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